Mastiff 125

2018 Mutt Fat Sabbath 125.jpg
2018 Mutt Fat Sabbath 125.jpg

Mastiff 125


The Mastiff is the latest addition to the Mutt Family. Brutal yet refined, and oh boy have we stepped up the game with this little tarmac pounder.

We wanted to make the Mastiff the king of the Mutts, so with that in mind we decided to add a little love here and there to make him a little different yet still retain that unmistakeable outline of a Mutt Motorcycle.

First up is that monster tank. We designed this tank specifically for our two newest models the Mastiff and the GT-SS. We wanted to keep the classic tank shape but add a helping of steroids, so we boosted the capacity to 17 litres. Sitting on the Mastiff and looking down at the huge tank is a beautiful sight. We topped the tank off with a neat Monza style chrome cap for that classic British vibe

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Make: Mutt

Model: Mastiff 125

Warranty: 2 year

RRP £3495.00

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