Mutt Hilts Custom

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Hilts Custom 125.jpg

Mutt Hilts Custom


Fancy jumping some barbed wire fences? Well maybe not but this crossbreed has that extra edge of McQueen cool. 

Rolling on the same skeleton as our popular Mongrel, Hilts is the brother of the Baja, like that other Brummie brother Thomas Shelby - smart, understated and pretty damn cool with a touch of underlying aggression. 

Individually painted the Hilts rocks a deep gloss Grey finish on the tank, side panels and mudguard, accented with a subtle Mutt Monogram on the tank and custom script on the side panels. Each antiqued brown leather seat is hand stitched and formed in Birmingham, England by upholstery experts usually found hand tooling the interiors of luxury vintage cars. High rise cross braced bars push the rider up into that tracker position so ideal for bashing city traffic and hooning around the lanes. Fat deep tread nobbly tyres sit on fully blacked out 18” wheels, hand finished aluminium mudguards have been shortened and colour matched to the tank and side panels. 

High rise cross braced bars and diamond pattern black grips sit the rider in an upright position perfect for jamming this machine through inner city traffic or hammering around country lanes. The halogen headlamp with yellow tinted lense is protected by a powder coated grill and small aluminium LED indicators complete the understated look. Satin black custom shocks sit on a shortened twin shock frame which houses our bullet proof 4-stroke engine, now with fuel injection for that extra bit of performance. 

Please contact us for more information. Viewing by appointment. 

UK delivery available. Part exchange (motorcycle or guitar) welcome. 

Make: Mutt 

Model: Hilts Custom 125 

Warranty: 2 years 

RRP £ 3500.00 +OTR 

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