Ever since I was little I have been interested in motorcycles. This is a way of life for me, a passion. It’s all I have ever wanted to do.
— Julian Braddick - OWNER

Our Mission

We are a small band of motorcycle and music enthusiasts who procure quality second hand motorcycles and operated from a homely recording studio in the heart of Cardiff.

The studios primary focus is with the development of new singer song writer talent and original acoustic music. We also repair, service, restore, recommission and sell both new and preloved motorcycles. We offer many services to the two wheeled and music community. We are unique, we are Motomusic. 

Combining our passion for motorcycles and guitars has been a strange but beautiful fit. The two go hand in hand so seamlessly and we are the only ones doing this! This is honestly not work for us, we get up every morning with smile on our faces looking forward to what new, amazing products and people we are going to meet.

Over 40 years riding motorcycles I guess you can call this an obsession.